What Should I Expect, in normal settings?


It is a big deal to go to a new church for the first time…we try to make it a little easier.
At the Hydrant Church, we want to make your guest experience unforgettable. We invite you to try us out whether you are the person trying to figure out what you believe or if you have been a Christian for as long as you can remember. We believe that you will have a great experience regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey.


Here are a few things you can expect when you show up…

You will find a warm welcome from folks in the parking lot and at the front doors. You will notice everyone is dressed comfortably in everything from “office casual” to jeans and flip-flops. So, come as you are.
Upon entering through the front doors, you will find a cafe area filled with friendly people. Coffee is available and you are welcome to take it into worship with you! People in red Hydrant Church shirts can show where to check your children into our exciting and fun children’s ministry or nursery. Whether outside or in the building, your children will enjoy a safe and fun environment just for your kids. If your child needs you, you can expect to be alerted immediately.
The doors to the worship center (or sanctuary) open about ten minutes before the service begins. There will be countdown timers on the screens around the building to let you know that it is nearly time to start.
The service begins with upbeat music led by our band, followed by a welcome from one of our partners. You won’t be forced to “greet your neighbor” or introduce yourself. Pastor Liz hangs out in the cafe after the service. She would really like to meet you and answer your questions then.
The message is designed to connect the Truth of the Bible to our daily lives in understandable and relevant ways.
By the time you pull away, we hope that you will have experienced Christian teaching in an inspiring and real way. Our sincere desire is to create an environment where real community and life change is possible for everyone who walks through the doors. You should expect to find a real place to connect with God and other people figure out faith, Fill your life with grace and truth, and overflow in hope-giving service to others.
We believe that worship is so important to our faith. It is when we celebrate God’s faithfulness, exercise generosity, lean into his presence, and respond to the Bible’s teachings. We believe that it is so important that we have been very intentional about developing environments for the whole family to worship in their own ways.
Our toddlers enjoy music, story time, and individualized attention from loving adults in our nurseries.
Our kids sing, dance, learn, discuss, and pray in an adult-guided environment of inclusion, joy, and fun.
Our students and adults sing, pray, give, and learn in our worship center.