Our Fears Are Overcome

The Hydrant Church began on October 6, 2013 as a new church in southeast Goldsboro, NC. Here God is building a community of imperfect people who are pursuing his vision of Connecting people to Christ, Filling lives with grace and truth, and Overflowing with loving and hope-giving service to others.

We Connect

This is the perfect place for imperfect people to connect with God and others. We seek connect spiritual disconnected people with Jesus and others as we gather for worship each Sunday at 9:00 am and 11:00 am.

We Fill

We strive to fill our lives with grace and truth. When life squeezes us, whatever is filling our hearts will erupt out of us. So that we engage others with God’s love, we seek to fill our lives with grace and truth through small groups and other learning environments.

We Overflow

We strive to overflow in our homes, neighborhoods, community, and world with blessing. We regularly pray for and seize opportunities to bless others. It is a part of very core identity. We set aside 10% over every dollar that comes in for the purpose of blessing others. We partner with the Wayne Pregnancy Care Center through volunteering, prayer, and financial support. We support a church-plant in New Bern, NC called Union Point and a church plant Salisbury, NC and Mission House, and PeakCity Church in Apex, NC.
We believe that what we have just begun to scratch the surface of what God has in store for this church.
In August of 2013, Pastor Tim was walking the beach at Topsail Island one evening. He stopped and watched the kids romping and splashing in the waves. Just then, he heard a whisper in his heart, “This is what it will be like…” I waited, and he continued, “The people are going to come in waves. Some will be small and some large. You need to stay ready to ride the waves I send or you are going to get knocked down.” God has continued to confirm this over the last several months as we have ridden the waves (and sometimes the undertow) into a new paradigm of ministry.
We believe that there are many more waves on the horizon that will require us to develop and grow. God has given us a vision bigger than our resources.
We believe that God is leading us toward creating a cluster of smaller, healthy churches in between Raleigh and New Bern, NC.